Chiropractic Care for Tech Neck in Simi Valley CA

Text Neck (Tech Neck) is a condition that forms when you overuse your neck, back and shoulder muscles by keeping yourself in a hunched over position, typically the position that occurs when you spend a lot of time looking down and forward, such as you would when looking on a mobile device.

Chiropractic Care for Tech Neck in Simi Valley CAWhen you keep yourself in this position, it can cause serious strain on the spine. If left untreated, long-term forward neck posture can lead to disc herniation and pinched nerves. It can also impact the natural curve you are supposed to have in your neck. This condition also applies extra pressure to your nervous system, meaning it can lead to pain and discomfort all over the body and it can cause issues in your arms and hands, in your low back and lead to headaches, and other serious health issues.

At Nurture Family Chiropractic, Dr. Heather's Chiropractic Care can help reverse these issues and keep your neck and spine well aligned and pain free.