Chiropractic Simi Valley CA Fertility

Dr. Heather Valinsky decided to incorporate fertility into her practices in Simi Valley CA and Los Angeles CA due to her desire to help the many women that are experiencing infertility issues. After attending a seminar that dealt with epigenetics and nutrition, she realized becoming pregnant incorporates more than just one factor. She trained and is now a certified doctor in the Schaefer Protocol and is now putting her knowledge into practice in helping women achieve their goal of motherhood.

The following information will explain how and why the Schaefer Protocol is effective:

We’ve never lived in a time that we have had sicker kids. Right now our kids are dealing with more adult-onset diseases like cancer, autoimmune issues, and diabetes than ever before.

1 in 5 adults are dealing with an autoimmune disorder, and 1 in 2 are dealing with metabolic syndrome in pregnancy. Learning to be healthy as an adult is hard enough – eating healthy, working on gratitude, moving your body – imagine how difficult it is to get a child to do the same!

Our focus is unique and you'll hear lots of people who have gotten results with this work that they couldn't find elsewhere.

Our results are different because our questions and approach is different. We utilize the most up to date evidence based and epigenetic data available.

The science of epigenetics focuses on understanding how your environment influences how your body expresses different genes within your body. For example; vitamin D3 activates 2000 genes in the body and has been shown to decrease chances of asthma, eczema, and/or allergies in your BABY when mom is taking vitamin D3 during preconception and pregnancy. In men, vitamin D not only improves sperm quality, but it also changes the insulin response in his children. Pretty cool stuff!

This is why our approach is focused on the health of mom and dad – as much as I adore the couples I have the honor to work with, what I TRULY adore is the impact you are making on your children and grandchildren by taking the time to work on your own health prior to conception.

Our approach is different - we believe pregnancy is a side effect of health. When the focus is getting pregnant, health isn’t the first focus, and our kids are paying for it. We pride ourselves on better birth outcomes - for everyone involved! Not only do our couples rarely experience things like morning sickness, gestational diabetes, or blood pressure issues in pregnancy, they also give birth to babies who are calm, relaxed and alert. Our couples have significantly fewer challenges if any at all in postpartum, and if they choose to breastfeed, have a fantastic supply.

Better than all of that combined, our couples are supported, acknowledged, and empowered on their journey - the longest and most rewarding journey of their lifetime - becoming parents.

Chiropractic Simi Valley CA Family Holding Baby

Our program doesn't teach you WHAT to think, it focuses on HOW to think. When you know WHY you're making the choices you are, it's a whole lot easier to build habits, understand why your body is acting the way it is, and how to best approach a plan to create change. The quality of your questions determines the quality of your answers. We ask different questions, which is why our statistics are significantly higher than traditional fertility programs, and couples utilizing fertility treatment need fewer cycles and even drugless cycles!

Imagine if you could slow or even stop potential health issues in your children by taking care of yourself first. That’s the focus, my passion, and drive of The Schaefer Protocol.

Empowering healthy families from fertility forward has been my mission for over a decade now, and will continue to change lives of every couple we have the honor to work with!