What is Plagiocephaly?

Plagiocephaly describes a condition in which an infants skull is flattened on one side on front or back of the head. It can be congenital or develop during infancy.

What causes Plagiocephaly?

Infants heads are soft and malleable and even gentle external forces, whether met in the womb or in baby’s daily routine, can cause misshaping.

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Examples of possible causes:

  • Extended periods of lying on their back
  • Position in the womb
  • Significant time in a car seat

When Can Head Shape Become A Problem?

For the first few months, infants are just beginning to get control over their body movements are unable to hold up their heads by themselves. Laying in one specific spot for long periods of time can cause infants to develop a flat spot on their head. If you notice that your infant is beginning to develop a flat spot, it is a good idea to address the issue by talking to a specialized pediatric chiropractor like Dr. Heather Valinsky of Nurture Family Chiropractic. Some cases of plagiocephaly can be mild and easily corrected, while other more severe cases can lead to health problems such as increased ear infections, vision problems, or learning delays.